Monday, May 25, 2009

Trip to Dads

the scary part of angels landing

you can see the top of angels landing

walters wiggles (angels landing)

dad showing maria how to rapel(mia's first time)

We also where able to do a little mountain biking.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The longest week ever...

Mike took the NCLEX on Tuesday. They told him that the results could take up to 48 hours to get in, but they might be there later that night. Starting that night we checked every couple of minutes for the next 36 hours for the results. In case you don't already know, he PASSED! He also flew to St. George to go to his grandpa's funeral on Thursday morning, and I have been alone with the kids since. Did I mention that is has rained non-stop since wednesday. My kids are a little stir crazy. The best thing that has come from this weekend, is that Rylan has finally started saying mommy. He used to call me annie or sometimes daddy.

Corbin and I have been having an unusual conversation. He wanted to know if a muscle could move if it was alive, but not attached to the brain. I told him that electric impulses can cause a muscle to move. So he wanted to know if he hooked a battery up to a muscle, would it move. I told him that he needed the right amount of electricity. He wants to know how much. If anyone knows the answer to this please let us know. Corbin doesn't know why I didn't study this in college. Our discussion then lead into a conversation about CPR. I explained how it works and why we use it. He then told me that it would be better to have two people to do CPR. He thinks that it would work better that way (Smart kid). He then let me know that if someone needed CPR that he would pump the heart and his friend Caden could do the breathing.

Anyways I can't wait until mike comes home tonight.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

More pics of Merek

Merek had a doctors visit today and he weighed 10 pounds 10 ounces and 22.5" long.

Enjoying the nice evening outside.

Everyone loves to hold the baby.

Hold his head up very well for a one month old

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Day

For mothers day the kids filled out questionnaires about me in primary. I thought they were funny. This is what they said...

1. How old is your mom? 3
2. How tall is your mom? So tall (raised his hands above his head)
3. How much does your mom weigh? 20 lbs
4. What is your mom really good at? cooking
5. What makes mom happy? giving her hugs
6. What is your mom's favorite food? pizza
7. where is your mom's favorite place to go? the hospital
8. What do you and your mom do together? go to church and the beach
9. what is something mom always says to you? mommy so happy
10. How does your mom make you laugh? play with me

My mothers name is Anna
She has brown hair and brown eyes
My mother is 30 years old
She is prettiest whenever she wears her pretty green shirt
My mother is funniest when she teases me
I like it best when she cooks ravioli
I don't like it when she cooks tomatoes
All day long my mother takes care of my brother
When I am nice,she takes me camping
When I am naughty, she puts me in my room or in my chair
If I could give my mother anything in the world, I'd give her a real pretty soap like a shell
I know my mother loves me because she makes me food
My mom's favorite food is pizza
The best thing about my mom is she is nice to me and she loves me
My mom's dream vacation would be going to grandma's house
The best thing my mom ever did is she takes care of me
My favorite thing to do with my mom is go to Disney World

They gave some interesting answers.

Yesterday Mike jumped out of an airplane (his birthday present). He seemed to enjoy the experience. He said it is a really big high, but you don't realy realize that you are falling until the chute is pulled. They came down really fast. Mike said that they came down is a tight spiral, and considering that they spent all day in the heat, and he hadn't had any lunch, that wasn't the best way to come down. After that we took the kids to the beach. Merek's first beach trip. We had a great time. The water was smooth, and the kids were able to run around with out getting knocked down.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

That's amazing...

I have four kids sleeping right now. I never thought that would happen again at the same time. After church Corbin crawled under this blanket, and he hasn't moved since.

He has an ear ache and had a hard time sleeping last night.

I put Tyler and Rylan down, and Tyler decided he would rather sleep in the baby's bed.

and Merek's been asleep all day.

I think I'll take a nap too.