Saturday, October 13, 2012


I like cats, but I am allergic to them so I stay away from them. Lately, they seem to be invading my life. We have always had stray cats on this property, but they have never been a bother, and since they catch the mice I have never  been bothered by them. About a month ago, we inherited a cat, Jack. He is a really nice cat. He was suppose to be an outside cat, but he had other ideas. So one cat around, no big deal. Then when Mike's sister moved in, they brought their two cats. They are also suppose to be outside cats, but they also don't agree with that. I spend a lot of time throwing cats outside.

Two days ago, I got in my car and found cat poop all over. Gross, the kids had left a door open. I became vigilant to keep the doors closed so another cat wouldn't get in my car. That night I had a nightmare that I was getting into the car and cats kept jumping into the car, and I would throw them out, and they would just keep coming. The next day, I go to get in my car and there is more cat poop. The cat is still in the car.  I removed all the seats, searched everywhere, no cat. While driving to boise, I hear a cat meowing. I'm really starting to loose my mind. Where is the cat? When I get home I park the car and lock it. Later, I peek through the windows and a see a small black stray cat walking around in the car. I try to let it out, but it climbs into the dash.  We tried trapping it, and that didn't work. We left the door open all morning. I hope he left. He has been in there for three days. I am tired of the cat poop.  I have vowed to trap and remove all of the stray cats. They just can't stay.