Friday, March 18, 2011

Madilyn Marie

Weight: 7 pounds 13 oz
Length: 20.5"
Date and Time: 3/17/11 @ 0835                                                                                  

Baby's birth story...Madilyn was induced because I hate being pregnant at the end.  I went to the hospital at 7am. I was dialated to 4cm at that time.  Around 8:00 the doctor came in and broke my water and they started the pitocin. I was having moderate contractions, so 15 minutes later the nurse upped my dose. I had two contractions and had a STRONG urge to push.  I warned Mike, and pushed on the next contraction. She came out a push later. Because they didn't have much warning, nothing was set up, and my doctor didn't make it. The resident doctor had just walked into the room, and was able to hold her head using the unwrapped glove packaging. Luckily everything was ok. We did have to stay an extra 10 hours in the hospital because she had lost 1 lb.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Greenbelt Bike ride

Mike and Corbin went for a bike ride on the greenbelt the other day. They started from our house and rode down Glenwood to the river. They  had a good time until Mike got a flat tire.  Here are some of the pictures that Mike took while waiting to be picked up. (Note: Notice the shoes that Corbin is wearing, he had them for less than a week, and got a hole in the toe. Needless to say, we quickly took them back.)

Corbin's first tumbleweed

Corbin got a kick out of this sign

Corbin loves ice in any form