Saturday, March 24, 2012

Last Snow Fall

Last Tuesday it snowed for the last time this winter, I hope. Corbin and Tyler were at school, but Merek and Rylan went out to play. Here are a few photos of them making snowballs. On Wednesday, it was 65° F

Monday, March 19, 2012


I finally see a trait that is unique to Madilyn, that the boys didn't have. She can sit and go through my diaper bag for over an hour. She will take out each item, look at it, lick it, shake it and then put it aside an pull out the next item. I found she will even open any baggie that she finds that has something inside. She will do this with anything that has an assortment of small items in it. So when I unpack boxes, she sits and goes through everything. When I fold laundry, she sits and unfolds everything I fold. Anytime the diaper bag is on the floor unattended, she empties it. She makes a lot of messes. But it is facinating to me to watch inspect everything she sees.

First Birthday

She is one. I can't believe it has already been a year. We had so much fun for her birthday. A leprechan visited us and colored our milk green, spilled our cereal, a hid some gold coins. The kids really didn't seem to notice that anything was out of the ordinary. 

We had some friends and family over for her party, and we ate corned beef and cabbage, and rainbow cupcakes. One of her presents was a doll that can go in the bathtub. After the party, I gave the boys a bath, and of course the doll went with them.

Now a thought about Madilyn. I can't express how much I love having her as part of our family. I feel so grateful. I had contemplated stopping after having Merek, and I am so glad that I didn't. Her smile brightens my day everyday. Since she now feels comfortable walking, I have noticed that she is really working on her language skills. I have suspected for a while that she was calling my name, but I wasn't sure if it was that or just a noise that she made while following me. Now I am sure, she calls me Anna. She has also started calling Mike Daddy. We are going to have to work on having her say Mommy. I am excited to start hearing other words. Also, she now has one tooth. I am sure that the others will come soon.

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Madilyn is walking, she is smart, and she is TROUBLE. She is into everything. She prides herself on being able to go up and down the stairs by herself. She refuses to sit in her highchair. Today I gave her a bath, put her in clean clothes and let her play on the floor while I read to the boys. I look up from my book to find Madilyn sitting in a large pile of ashes by the fireplace, playing very happily. She was not too happy when I took her away from the ashes and cleaned her and her pile, and then locked the fireplace doors so that she couldn't open them again. I sure love this girl.