Thursday, January 12, 2012

Get those bullets

Rylan was trying to convince Merek to retrieve his nerf bullets...

Rylan: Merek get me those bullets
Merek: No
Rylan: Do you want to be a nice boy? Do you want Jesus to like you? Jesus likes nice boys. Go get me those bullets.

When Merek refused to get the bullets, Rylan decided to punish him by punching him. Too bad Rylan is now in timeout.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


This room needed to be mopped anyway...

House updates

We are in the house now. It has been a crazy holiday. We moved into the house a few days after we closed. We found that we couldn't really fix it up unless we were in it. Corbin quoted us a price to clean the carpets that we couldn't resist, so we let him help us out.

We have also decided that we might want to rent out the mother-in-law quarters, so we have decided to fix it up first.  Mike and his dad have been busy ripping out the flooring and wallpaper, and then texturing the ceiling and walls and painting.  Here is their work in progress.

Darin came over and helped us with some wiring issues and we now have heat in this part of the house. I think that this part of the house may be done by the end of this week or next week. It will be nice to have something finished. 

Next we want to attack downstairs.  We need to finish painting, and I hope to get new flooring in the bedrooms. I'll keep you posted on our progress... There is so much still to do.