Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sibling Prep Class at St. Lukes

I signed the kids up for a sibling prep class to get them ready for the new baby. Merek wasn't able go, but the others had a great time. The had to bring a baby and a blanket with them, and they learned how to wrap the baby and to change it's diaper. Tyler was really cute about it. He was so excited and really worked hard to do everything just right. Rylan was really shy at first and wouldn't participate, but he eventually came around. At the end of the class we went over to the hospital and visited the nursery. The kids really enjoyed seeing the little babies.

Black Cliffs

We took the kids to the black cliffs this afternoon to look around. We took Opie with us. On the way down, he decided that he wasn't going to go down, so Corbin had to carry him down the rocks. It always amazes me how natural the kids are climbing and jumping on the rocks. It's hard to believe that they hadn't seen a real rock until about six months ago.  They still ask who put the rocks there.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Late Notice

We are finally baptizing Corbin today.  The baptism starts at 5:00 at the Goddard building near Capital High School. We are going to have dinner at our house after the baptism, and anyone and everyone is invited. We'd love to see you there.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Rock Climbing

 We put the kids into a YMCA rock climbing class last month and they fell in love with the sport.   Corbin is great and can climb almost any part of the wall. Tyler can make it to the top of the easier climbs. Rylan can make it to the top, but is scared of heights, so he usually stops about halfway up. Here are a few pictures of Rylan and Tyler's class. I'll have to get some of Corbin too.

McCall Ice Festival

Last weekend I decided to take the kids to the McCall Ice Festival with my Friend Heather and her little boy. I was very nervous about taking them somewhere by myself where so many people were going to be. Rylan has a history of getting lost, and I just knew that I would probably lose him. I told Heather, to help me keep an eye on him.  We got there and had to walk a ways to get to the festivities. My boys were only interested in the snow. They could have cared less about the ice sculpture or anything else. After a little while I decided it was fruitless to try to look at anything else, and we went back to the car and got their sleds and took them to the sledding hill. They spent the rest of the day sledding. I didn't get many pictures because I was too busy watching. Here are a few that I did get.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ward Conference

Sunday was ward conference. It was a very eventful day for me, thanks to Rylan.   Mike had worked the night before, and was lacking in sleep, so I told him to stay home, and I'd take the kids. We got to church a minute late, and sat in the very front, due to lack of seating. Within 5 minutes Rylan was screaming at the top of his voice. I tried to calm him, but it didn't work, so I grabbed him and headed for the hall. On the way out, he screamed at the top of his voice "Mommy, you're hurting me." I left the other three behind. I got him calmed down, and hurried back inside because I had no idea what the others where up to. Once we sat down, he started screaming again, so once again I made the trek out with him screaming that I was hurting him as we went. We got him under control and went in again. Once again, within minutes he was screaming again. This time I decided we weren't coming back, so I grabbed him and Merek and headed for the hall. We sat outside in the chairs, and an older gentleman sat next to Rylan and calmed him down. After a few minutes he was talking and being rather well behaved. We stayed there for a while, but I was worried about the oldest two, because they were still inside by themselves. After the first speaker, I decided to go in one more time. We sat down, and the second speaker, the stake president, started to speak. After a few minutes he looked at me, and said "Sister Hawkins, I don't mean to embarrass you, but I'd like to tell you a story." I was so embarrassed. He told me a really nice story about himself when he was a rowdy little boy, and then he finished his talk. Luckily Rylan stayed quiet and we didn't have to go out again.  I was so happy when church was over and I could slip out the back door with the kids.  Then on Monday, I received a call from the Stake Relief Society President. She wanted to know if she could come and visit me at my house. She assured me that they visit people randomly, but I'm sure it wasn't so random. She came today, and we had a nice visit, but I sure hope I don't have to relive last Sunday again.