Monday, August 23, 2010


Wow, It seems like there is a lot of new things to report.

First, As many people know, I have been waiting to get laid-off, so that we could join Mike in Texas. Well, I've been notified that I will be laid-off on October 1. I am so greatful. I don't think I could have lasted another month. Being a working, single parent of 4 boys has been a lot of hard work. I now have a greater respect for both my husband and all of the single mothers that I have known. Second, We are expecting our 5th child in March. We are excited to welcome the new member of the family. I always love meeting my children for the first time. Any bets, that I'll break the gender streak? And lastly, and probably the biggest news, Mike has accepted a new job at St. Lukes Hospital in BOISE IDAHO. We are moving back home! His new job is starting Oct. 11, and we should be there sometime in the beginning of October.